How to Choose a Weight Loss Plan

How to Choose a Weight Loss Plan


Finding the best weight loss program can be difficult.  Understanding the various diets and choosing the perfect program can be confusing and stressful.  Especially being these weight management programs and diet plans are a dime a dozen.  


Before we put the cart before the horse, there are a few problems we need to work out first.


How much time do you have in your week to commit to a program?  

Meal planning and scheduled exercise times can eat up a good chunk of your week.  Physically write your week on paper.  That means everything from work times, driving, kids activities, to lawn work and housekeeping. Set a definite schedule and make it your weekly routine.   Using memory alone is a sure way to forget and will cause failure.  


What foods are you just not willing to give up?

Don’t give up your comfort foods completely.  They are called comfort foods for a reason.  Life is stressful and if you let go of those foods you’ve come accustomed to,  you will eventually go back and sometimes overindulge in them.  Keep them on hand, but ask yourself “ do I really need this right now?” and if the answer is yes after a bit of soul searching then have it.  Don’t eat the whole container of ice cream, but allow yourself a small portion.  Sometimes, just knowing it’s in the house is enough to take the panic out of the equation.  


What is your budget?

Diet pills, shakes, and special foods can be expensive.  Furthermore,  don’t buy foods that will just end up rotten in the garbage.  You have to like them.  Many diet plans offer alternative options. For example, instead of brussels sprouts use asparagus.  


Do you have support to keep you motivated?

Let everyone close to you know what you are planning and even ask them for their support.  Call those willing to help in a moment of weakness. (before grabbing those comfort foods)  Let them know what not to bring around you, such as, potato chips and soda.

Before you join a gym or buy those yoga cds, make sure they are equipped with your level of physical fitness.

When exercises seem too tough it can be discouraging.  Find a beginners program, or a gym that’s not filled with overly muscular men drinking “the juice” in the back room.  Start out small.  Go for walks, ride a bike in your neighborhood where the traffic patterns are familiar to you.  Sometimes exercising at home can be more comfortable being no one is watching you sweat profusely and making numerous mistakes while learning the moves.  


Making a life change can be difficult.  And for those of us that struggle,  we all know too well what excess fat feels like to our health, what it does to our appearance, and I hate to say it but how some people view us.   Our bodies don’t move the same, we have aches and pains we may not have if we didn’t carry the extra weight.  I found these tips very helpful in my own search to a healthier me and I hope you found value.  Below is a link to a yoga product I found to be very helpful to me.  It would be perfect for anyone with no to little experience and flexibility.  Even if you are just looking to gain some flexibility and stretch some aches out, I do recommend it. And you can’t beat the price!

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